a season has changed since i last came here to write.  (i take that back — i’ve actually come here to write but stared at the screen instead)  anyway, in that meantime, WordPress has kindly notified me by email that a couple folks have liked a post i made &/or have chosen to follow this blog.  (that’s basically gone nowhere fast)  however, i must say that i am slightly amused about that because i feel as if i’ve hardly said much here — not enough to inspire followers — but, so be it.  *slightSmile*

trying to find your voice when it is lost in a slightly dark place is something i am not accustomed to and i really did not know it would be hard to put my head-demons into words on a screen, even anonymously.  and i am not yet at any point where i, like other bloggers i have read, feel any sort of responsibility to my 3 readers to produce more words on a screen.  maybe that will come once the words actually come. i really want to do this, though, so i do not *get* this writers block.

how have other bloggers found their voice when it comes to very hard subject matters that they need to purge?  any thoughts on this pondering would be most welcomed, please/thanks.

where do you hide the fear when finding the bravery?


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