on both sides of my family, there have been incidences &/or occurrances of rape, of incest, and of child sexual abuse — historically speaking, of course. ┬ásome of this information is known to some. i am fairly certain that a bit of this information is known by many. and there is some that is known by only me. all of this i am struggling with, of late. i have A story to tell. but to tell this story, there are other stories that need be known. oooohh, dilemma.

another tear in the curtain is the dichotomey inside the head of the storyteller herself. caused, i speculate, because i relate much differently to the incidences on my maternal familial side than i do to the incidences on the paternal side of the family. even knowing where to begin, is trying my patience.

i really do need to offload.