i really have been thinking long and hard about blogging as a way to purge my mind and my heart of all the demon garbage within; but, great trepidation lays with losing one’s anonymity in the process.

my preference would be for penning a missive *by anonymous* and *changing all names to protect the guilty*. i would even go so far as to say that i would even consider selling said missive to one of those medium-sized, NYC or SanFran publishing houses. but, slap my real & true name upon it? that i’m not so sure about at this point in time &/or my process.

i looked to other blogs in my feed — forgive me, i have not yet become accustomed to wordpress lingo — and i occasionally opened one to read, hoping to observe someone with the strength to tell a hard, personal story. all i got out of that was belwilderment & wide wonder at the bravery of some.

so, here i sit another Saturday morn. coffee on the nighttable. toast with butter & honey. my iPad on a pillow in my lap. celtic brittish indie on the BRm TV. a pile of his laundry to fold. i would write about him if i could but he prefers not to have a foot print on the web. many people i know are like that and i try to understand their reasoning while honoring their wishes. you know, whatev — i am not big into that reality TV crap so i *get* why a person would perfer their own privacy. but i digress…

i just gotta find a voice, that is all…


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